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Some findings indicated that employees said NO to workplace financial education because they were reluctant to sacrifice work time to attend.  Moreover, there were too many higher priority items on their “To Do” list.  Well, did they miss out anything?

One of the most important lessons that we could learn from the subprime mortgage crisis is just how poorly informed many Americans are when it comes to making important financial decisions. Obviously, there is a need for basic financial education.  But the next question would be, where , when and how should the financial education be delivered? The workplace financial education appears to be a cost- & time-effective channel to reach out to a large number of adults.

Our workplace financial education aims to provide financial education on budgeting, debt reduction, credit management, retirement planning and so forth.  Human capital is a very important asset to a business.  An employee who is free from financial problems is believed to be more productive as he tends to be more focus on his work.  Despite social responsibility, an employer who cares enough to help his employees to avoid getting into financial dilemmas may also be able to recruit and retain good employees.

We offer:

– Talks, workshops, seminars, road shows, financial clinics or help desk on financial planning,  & etc

– A Learn-over-Meal series on financial planning matters.


We believe that adequate financial education is critical for a healthy, sustainable economy and culture. We have been invited to deliver financial education to local universities, private colleges, kindergartens, hospitals, community centres and interviewed by some local medias on financial education.  We are also the column writer of one of the local prestige financial magazines that assisted public on their financial enquires.

CPE & CPD Courses

We are one of the the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC)’s CPE-approved training provider under and Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC)’s CPD-approved education provider.


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