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Always prepare your umbrella for rainy days. The statement makes sense naturally and the same goes to your own savings and investment plan! Unwanted incidents, dream vacations, kids’ education, retirement-these are all the goals people work and save for in their lifetime and intend to construct a right plan to build a solid financial ground. However, a lot of people tend to get distracted on their pathways and before they realize, they could not achieve their final goals even though they thought they have made enough effort!

At Smart Wealth, we make your money work harder for you with our wide range of personal savings plans or maximise your potential returns with our investment plans. Having a protection on your wealth in mind, we strive to grow your wealth by identifying your risk tolerance, emergency fund requirements, short and long-term goals and review your current investments. With our scientific investment methodologies, we could help you to safeguard your current financial status while helping you on your pathway to financial optimization.

It's not your salary that makes you rich, It's your spending and saving habits !

Based on the wealth planning staircase, you observe that having a savings plan is crucial for any levels. Individuals need a savings plan on stage 1 to act as an emergency fund in the event of any unpredictable situations. Savings plan serves a different purpose on stage 2 where it helps to be a growing fund to ensure individuals have enough financial back-up to sustain and grow. Stage 3 includes savings plan as future investment and retirement fund for every individual.

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