Legal Advisory Services

Legal Advisory Services

What is the meaning of legal advisory and how much do you know about it? Supposedly, legal advisory originates from the term legal advice, which means the giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the law aspect which is related to your business. In today’s complex and rapidly changing regulatory and business environment, companies are exposed to strict compliance requirements and new business challenges. Could your company cope with the changes, or you are struggling to handle this?

As a fast developing legal advisory in Malaysia, Smart Wealth understands all the legal regulations and deep industry knowledge which would you to stay competitive and compliant. We help our clients on essential legal issues like corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, insolvency law and restructuring, banking, finance, tax and insurance law, employment and immigration law. We do not only equip our clients with all the necessary knowledge to stay up to date with the current legislation but provide creative, complex and practice-oriented services to our clients. We believe our clients would benefit from our value-added service in the long run and achieve better operational performance thereafter.

What Is Right Is Not Always The Same As What Is LEGAL.

Regardless of which stage of the wealth planning staircase you are in, once you have already started a company, legal advisory is a topic which is mandatory for any company to take note and follow. If you are unsure of any actions to take to meet all the legislation requirement, engage our consultation to solve your doubts!

Wondering how you could plan all this out? Engage us immediately!

  • Start up company consultation
  • Sale and purchase of all property transaction (Conveyancing)
  • Debt Recovery (litigation)
  • Drafting Corporate agreement (Corporate)
  • Trademark Registration (intellectual property)
  • Get the best financial advice

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