January 25, 2018
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March 8, 2018

How to get your ccris report online?

Online Ccris_Smartwealth

FInding it troublesome to get your CCRIS report at Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)? Now you do not have to waste your precious time queuing up at BNM to get yours, that’s because you could it online already! For those who do not know what CCRIS is, here’s a brief explanation. CCRIS is a service platform which provides Personal Credit Reports and it stands for Central Credit Reference Information System. CCRIS is a system created by BNM which synthesizes credit information about a borrower or potential borrowers into standardized credit reports. The information shows the credit history of potential or current borrowers and is available to financial institutions and individuals upon request. It is essential for financial institutions to know the borrowers’ creditworthiness before offering them credit.


So now you have a basic grasp on what CCRIS is all about and its function. So how you could get hold of this report without even going to BNM? Here we will show you some guidelines and procedures on how you could utilize the online platform to generate your CCRIS report, in other words how to generate your eCCRIS.

  1. Register yourself at BNM
  2. Search for CCRIS kiosk at BNM.
  3. On the display at CCRIS kiosk, you will come to the homepage with an eCCRIS option after you had selected your preferred language. Click on the option of course if you want to generate your eCCRIS report.
    Ecris step 3a_smartwealthEcris step 3b_Smartwealth
  4. You will be brought to a page that shows the submenu. If you are first time visiting the kiosk, click on the ‘Register User’ option.
    Ecris step 4_Smartwealth
  5. You will be required to enter your identity card into the kiosk as well as undergo the biometric screening on your finger.
    Ecris step 5_Smartwealth
  6. You will be required to key in your mobile phone number after the previous steps have successfully been completed.
    Ecris step 6_Smartwealth
  7. Have a good look through on all the keyed in information. After confirming the accuracy of all your information, just continue.
    Ecris step 7_Smartwealth
  8. You will receive a 6 digits pin number in your mobile phone which is required for future procedures on your desktop.Ecris step 8_Smartwealth
  9. Go online and visit the website and click on ‘First-time login’.Ecris step 9_Smartwealth
  10. Fill in all the required information including the pin number you just received.Ecris step 10_Smartwealth
  11. You will be required to set your User ID, Email and Password for your new user account.Ecris step 11_Smartwealth
  12. After you have done, you will be prompted back to the homepage and log in again using your new User ID and password.Ecris step 12_Smartwealth
  13. You will be transferred to the homepage and click on the enquiry option shown at the menu bar. Click on the drop-down ‘Self-Enquiry’ option.Ecris step 13_Smartwealth
  14. A disclaimer page will be shown and tick on the ‘I agree’ option and click on the ‘Report Enquiry’ option located at the bottom right of the page.Ecris step 14_Smartwealth


And that’s all the simple steps you need to go through to know your credit standing, outstanding credit, debt or loan status. You will save yourself time and effort to head to the bank and queue up just to get a paper report. Enjoy your eCCRIS online!

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