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Banking or financial services are common and very accessible to the public. Almost all of the financial institutions in Malaysia offer the basic yet similar financial services. What basic services do bank offers? Generally, banking institutions provide Basic Savings Accounts (BSA) and Basic Current Accounts (BCA) to Malaysians and permanent residents. These accounts could be opened under individual or joint names. As flexible as it seems, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are also eligible to apply for BCAs. BSA and BCA work in the same way as the ordinary savings or current accounts except that these accounts enable you to perform basic transactions at a minimal cost or free. Apart from the basic service, all banks also offer credit card and loan application to the public. Depending on certain financial qualifications, the public could apply for the services when deemed necessary.

At Smart Wealth helps in providing guidance for first timer or SMEs who wish to open banking accounts to start their financial journey. There will be advice and suggestions alike on how to manage their accounts properly. Besides banking, we offer assistance in helping applications for bank loans and credit cards. We will review with our clients all the important details during the application process like personal loan amount, interest rates, repayments tenure, processing fees, requirement of collateral and financial backgrounds. With the help provided, our clients would feel at ease dealing with similar issues.

BANKING Is Necessary, Banks Are Not.

Banking services are needed no matter which level you are on the wealth planning staircase to get the basic requirement done. Credit card and loan application, however, should be only considered after stage 1 so that the liability created will not be too much of a burden for you. Consult us to get more info on how to manage all that!

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