We are a certified financial planner in Malaysia with a 90% success rate.

Good financial planning is crucial to everyone no matter how old they are.

However, coming out with a secure financial planning requires a certain level of wealth management knowledge, financial education and discipline. Hence getting yourself a professional financial planner could save you a lot of unnecessary troubles and avoid going through a whole bunch of financial jargon.

As a certified financial planner (CFP), Smart Wealth fits in that role specifically well and could lay out the foundation for your financial planning process, minus the hassle!

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Our financial specialists will ensure you have the right guidance on your track to financial security with our Wealth Planning Staircase! Each of the stairs has its own unique characteristics and everyone is based in any one of the stages at the current moment.

Based on the Wealth Planning Staircase on the right, where do you think you stand?

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We apply our experience in ongoing trend and Malaysian lifecycle to help anyone who faced financial problem to become stronger and more resilient. Our Finance-leading teams help clients embrace complexity to enhance their lifestyle, and lead them to attain their financial goal.

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